Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's TV Time!

Since I've been down for the count with exhaustion and sickness, my extra curricular activities have been limited to television. I can't read for more than fifteen minutes without getting a migraine, and the computer screen is equally as bad.

So what have I been watching?

Well, one of my favorite shows, White Collar, airs new episodes during the summer, so that kept me busy for an hour a week. Add to that Covert Affairs, My So Called Life, and a Buffy re-watch, and I'm pretty much in heaven.

My So Called Life - I know I'm supposed to be doing recaps weekly of this show, but I cheated and watched a few in a row. The last episode I watched was PRESSURE, and I have to say that I'm really starting to have this crazy love-hate relationship with Jordan. Just when I think he's going to push past his rebel without a care persona, he says something really jerky to Angela. Jordan! I just want to fall in love with you!

I'm also starting to like the parent plot line. It's hard not to feel bad for Patty with her weird parents, and for Graham, who has no clue what he really wants to do with his life. I'm glad he finally seems to be finding his place. He's come a long way from the cheater we first encountered.

Doctor Who - My other obsession right now is Doctor Who. To those who don't watch it - why the heck not? It's an amazing show. And it's so much more than sci-fi time travel. It has compassion, romance and comedy. There's really something for everyone in this show. In the interest of not spoiling it, I'll just say, OH BOY!, the eleventh doctor's storyline just keeps getting better and better. I urge you to pick it up if you don't already follow!

So what's on your television lately?


  1. I recently found out that MSCL comes on the Sundance Channel at various hours of the day and set my dvr to record them all. I now have 18 episodes and plan on watching it all again from the beginning.

    I loved Graham and Patty's storyline throughout the entire show as well!

    I've never seen Dr. Who but feel as an anglophile it's my duty to watch it! I am trying to cut back on TV but plan on making a special exception for this series!

  2. I really need to watch Dr. Who. But I haven't even watched Buffy yet like I promised Shana. I'm a TV watching failure.