Friday, April 1, 2011

Play Ball?

I know today is supposed to be book review day, but since it's also a VERY SPECIAL occasion, the review is being postponed.

That's right - today is opening day for the Philadelphia Phillies! Whooohooo! I love baseball for two reasons - it's the one sport that I know pretty much all the rules, and for the simple fact that baseball means warm weather is here! Right?

Uhhhhh.....not exactly.

As I write this post, it's snowing outside. Yes. Snowing. The news says it's supposed to stop before game time, but it's looking pretty nasty out.

And to all my Philly readers, if you have an extra ticket to the game I'd LOVE to take it off your hands!


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    I'm an Angels fan, and our home opener is this coming Friday...I can't wait!