Monday, April 4, 2011

March Progress Report

Since I didn't post one single report on my progress in March, I thought I'd sum it up for you. I didn't really do much writing related, thanks to the life-suck that is my day job right now.

Things I Wanted to Accomplish in March/Things I Actually Accomplished
  • Research one agent a day/Researched 9 agents
  • Finish draft of WIP/FINISHED DRAFT OF WIP!!!
  • Send draft to CP to read/Sent!
  • Read a book a week (4 books)/ Read 6 books (at least I knocked that one out of the park)
I felt pretty down about not doing more agent research, but then when I started listing out the other stuff, I realized I accomplished a good deal of writing/reading related items, all while working about 60 hours a week. Go me!

For April I'd like to:
  • Research 15 additional agents
  • Read seven books.
  • Revise four chapters of my Nano 2010 WIP.
Did you meet any big goals in March, or did you flop like me? What are you shooting for in April?


  1. I did not read one word of your ms since you sent it to me because I was so freaking busy. But I figured it was ok because I know you've been busy, too. :-) So it's on my goal list this week.

  2. I guess that's better than saying you read it all and hated it, right? :-)