Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My So Called Life: "The Substitute" Recap

This episode starts off with an unruly bunch of kids waiting for their substitute. When he arrives, he acts like he doesn't care, which makes the students pay attention. Soon, they idolize him and his awesomeness. Word spreads through the school, and kids ditch their other classes in favor of English.

Things go sour when the sub includes a racy haiku in The Lit, Liberty high's creative writing mag. The principal bans the magazine, and everyone thinks the sub is fired. But Graham finds out that the sub fled because he had to appear in court for back child support. Inspired by all the good things the sub taught her, Angela makes photocopies of The Lit and distributes them, which earns her a chair in the principal's office.

Overall, I'd say the episode was pretty good, even though it got a little PSA at the end. I like how Angela is finally passionate about something. It's a nice break from her obsessing over Jordan or fighting with her parents.

I enjoyed how Patty and Graham flip flopped in the scenes with Angela. I'm sure it was confusing to Angela because one minute they're telling her to stand up for "common courtesy" to the sub, but then when another situation arises where it could involve her getting in trouble, they want her to back down. Being former activists, I bet this was hard for Patty and Graham to tell her.


The racy haiku (which isn't a haiku at all), of course!

He peels off my clothes like a starving man
Would peel an orange.
His lips taste my juicy sweetness.
My legs tangle with his;
We become one being,
A burning furnace
In the cold dark basement of love.

  • Ha! I never would have thought Sharon was the one who wrote the haiku! Rayanne even had me fooled!
  • What sort of attendance system does this school have that kids can just show up in other classes for days without anyone realizing it?
  • I dig the love for overalls in this episode.
  • Doesn't seem very safe to have all those lit candles around the classroom.
  • Uh oh. Jordan can't read. Since this is the title of the next episode, I assume this will be addressed.
  • Why do they keep mentioning buying kitty litter? I have never once seen a cat in their house.
What did you think of this episode?

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  1. I think this episode was the one where I really started liking Angela--you're right, it's nice to see her passionate about something!