Monday, February 7, 2011

Writing Progress - 2.7.11

Hello writer friends, it's Monday again, so let's check on our goals.

What did I want to get done last week:
  • Brainstorm new beginning scene for WIP. - I didn't just brainstorm with my awesome writing group, I also managed to write the scene and edit it. Go me!
  • Finish two chapters of self edits on WIP. (I need to get moving because my day job is about to get very demanding.) - Thanks to four hours in the car yesterday, I ended up getting through 4 chapters last week.
  • Finish reading Going Bovine - Poor Going Bovine. It took a backseat to Fall for Anything since I had to get that book in the mail for a book tour.
  • Send more chapters to my beta reader for critique. - I'm almost done with the whole novel, so I held off on this one. I figure I could send the rest in one big chunk so she can see the big picture things that I'm missing.
  • Watch episode one of My So Called Life and recap it on Wednesday. - Click here if you missed it!
I got a lot accomplished last week. I just hope I can be that productive this week!
  • Finish one chapter's worth of edits each night this week. If I can do this, I should be done with edits by Saturday.
  • Watch episode two of My So Called Life.
  • Finish Going Bovine (and I really mean it this time!)

What are your goals this week?


  1. I'm doing a Supernatural rewatch so, episode two watching and write up. Some beta reading. Some beta surveying. Some personal reading and writing hopefully. I have to pull some OT at the day job but I'm hoping to do the come in early instead of staying late. Good luck on finishing! And all your goals!

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  3. Congrats on your accomplishments!

    I didn't get to any writing.

    Good luck with this week.


  4. I sent an email to a good friend of mine yesterday with my list of started projects. It was a bit overwhelming. This week I'm working on laundry. Glamorous, I know, but there it is.
    I've entered a few first chapters in a first chapter contest, so I'll be working on that.

  5. You got a lot done! That's awesome!

  6. Congrats on getting so much done! Definitely a productive week. :)