Monday, January 31, 2011

Writing Progress - 1.31.11

Hey! It's Monday again. This weekend I got sort of distracted by this little game called The Sims. I installed it on my laptop and spent most of the weekend creating Sims that look like the characters in my book. Needless to say, I didn't get very far with edits. I can tell this game is going to be a total time suck now that I've moved it to my more accessible laptop. I might have to uninstall the game and banish it back to desktop land.

What was this post about again? Oh right. Goals.

Let's see how I did on last week's:

  • Add new opening scene to WIP I'm currently editing. - Still didn't do this. I can't think of the right scene to add. I need to do more brainstorming.
  • Finish one more chapter of self edits on WIP.
  • Finish reading Going Bovine. - The game mentioned above prevented me from finishing this, but I'm about 40% through and I'm loving Libba Bray's writing style. Stay tuned for a post tomorrow on what's so great about it.
And how about this week?
  • Brainstorm new beginning scene for WIP.
  • Finish two chapters of self edits on WIP. (I need to get moving because my day job is about to get very demanding.)
  • Finish reading Going Bovine
  • Send more chapters to my beta reader for critique.
  • Watch episode one of My So Called Life and recap it on Wednesday.
What are your goals this week? RELATED LINKS


  1. Yay goals!

    I hate to throw another thing on your plate, but would you be interested in reading my Ch 1-11 when I have it all ready to go? I need new eyes on it.

  2. Good luck with the opening scene! I'm working on revising that, too, this week--it's so difficult to get the exact right one!

  3. This week I'm just trying to relax and enjoy the process...

  4. I started revising my opening scene again last night. Hopefully I can get it finished tonight. Good luck with your goals!

  5. I love your writing goals posts. Maybe I need to set weekly goals like you do.

    Stay away from the Sims! Haha.

  6. Ha! Go goals! I think The Sims is a deviously addictive game. Dangerous when there are goals a foot...