Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing Progress - 1.24.11

Happy Monday! Guess who didn't even open a writing project this past weekend? Yup, me. Saturday was filled with family stuff, and then I spent the entirety of Sunday cleaning and making lunches for the week. Oh, and I also took down our Christmas decorations. I figured it was time, since it's almost February!

By the time I finished all of that, the friends we invited over for dinner were here. What an exhausting but fun weekend.

Let's see how I did on my goals from last week:
  • Finish self-edits on one more chapter. - I actually got through two chapters, and added a chapter of new material more relevant to the plot.
  • Go back and add a new first scene based on one of the comments my beta reader made. I think it's going to make the story SO much better. - Didn't get to this one. Planned to do it Sunday, but things got so out of hand and I ran out of time.
  • Finish reading Vampire Academy. - I didn't even start Vampire Academy. I did pick up Going Bovine off of Amazon, though and am 7% finished with it.
Since I didn't make two of my goals from last week, I'm going to roll them over into this week.
  • Add new opening scene to WIP I'm currently editing.
  • Finish one more chapter of self edits on WIP.
  • Finish reading Going Bovine.
What are your goals for the week?


  1. No goals really.

    But it would be nice if I could add 20k words to my rewrite.

    If that's possible.


  2. Congrats on getting all that work done! I'm in revisions now, too, and my goal is just to keep going!

  3. Well done!!

    I'm going to edit at least a chapter a day this week! It has to be done. ;)

  4. I'm hoping to get through ch 11 with these new revisions, then send this section of chapters out to be read.

    Then I need to move forward and make some sense of the end. Scary.

  5. I've got to figure out how to rework the beginning of my YA since I cut a lot of words recently. And get halfway through the current book I'm reading.

  6. Not making 2 goals isn't bad! You'll get 'em this week! Nice job on all the scenes and what not.