Sunday, August 22, 2010

Writing Progress - August 22, 2010

Here we are again. Another week over and done with. My edits are coming along. When I consulted last week's progress post, I realized I did a lot more than I thought this week. I am on page 47 as far as edits go, but I did delete a whole bunch of stuff and condense it down, so I may have gotten through more than 22 pages.

I also had an epiphany on how to divide the book into chapters. When I first started writing this book, I just wrote the story. I didn't worry about separating it into chapters. There are some natural chapter breaks, but a really awesome idea came to me this week to keep it all coherent and revolving around the subject of the book. It's also helping me trim the fat. Yay!

How did the week go for all of you? Any writing epiphanies out there?


  1. Woo hoo on the editing! I don't mind edits so much. That's when you get to throw in all the extra voice and really perfect your manuscript. Editing is where all the magic happens.

    I wrote three and a half chapters this past week. I would have liked to have written more, but alas, my busy schedule prevented that from happening. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Lisa - I know! Busy schedules are such a killer. I hate when I can't get any writing in!