Sunday, August 15, 2010

Writing Progress - August 15, 2010

Hello friends, it's Sunday again, so I suppose I'll get right to it and tell you about my writing progress for the past week.

I've gotten through about 25 pages of my manuscript so far, and if there's only one thing I learned about revising from those pages, it's that I like drafting much much better. There aren't any worries with drafting. When I write a scene that I'm not sure works, I write it anyway knowing I can "always delete it in revisions!".

Well, now I'm revising, and I can't write a scene just because I feel like it. Every time I delete something, I second guess myself. When I add something, I'm obsessed with making it perfect. Revising makes me long for the days of NaNo!

On the bright side, those first 25 pages really are much better than they were a month ago before the revisions. My main character's voice is actually shining through. Before she was just dull. Things like that keep my spirits up!

How did everyone else's writing go this week?

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