Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Five

You guys! It's almost time for fall TV!! At our house, we subscribe to FIOS, and yesterday we got this nifty little magazine with a schedule of when the new shows/old faves are coming back. It'd be an understatement to say I am a little excited about this. So today my five is all about the wonderful invention that is so affectionately dubbed the "boob tube".

  1. Ringer. It's Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to TV! How could you miss this one? I hope it kicks as much butt as Buffy. (Premieres Tuesday, September 13 at 9pm EST on CW)
  2. Shows about fairy tales! Both Once Upon a Time (October 23, 8 EST, ABC) and Grimm (October 21, 9 EST, NBC) premiere this fall. While Grimm looks pretty gritty, I can't wait to check it out.
  3. Two shows I'm not sure about, but am willing to give a chance: Terra Nova (September 26, 8pm EST, FOX) and New Girl (September 20, 9 EST, FOX).
  4. I'm a season behind, so I'm factoring this fave of mine into the viewing schedule: Friday Night Lights. I love me some Coach Taylor. What a lucky gal that Tami is!
  5. And finally, some old favorites: Modern Family, Cougartown (many thanks to Shana for convincing me this show is worth watching!), Doctor Who, Parenthood and The Middle.
Phew! With all these shows, when am I going to have time to write? During commercials, it is!



  1. Clearly we are the same person. I am watching all of these (minus Parenthood, I missed the boat on that one and I just started watching Doctor Who so I'm only at Series 2. But considering I flew through all of Series 1 in a single day, you might say I'm hooked).

    Yay that I hooked you on Cougar Town! Sad it's not coming back until mid season. Super psyched about and Once Upon A Time (which has a Buffy writer on its staff!)