Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Five

Happy weekend all! Here's my five:

1. I finished reading Imaginary Girls this week. Wow. What a great ending. Just creepy enough to give me chills, but not so scary that it kept me up at night.

2. I'm getting my hair cut this weekend. Yay! My bangs are at that stage where they're too long to be bangs, but not long enough to be hair yet. Can't wait to get them chopped.

3. Tomorrow we're getting a new bed. So long to the days of sleeping on a full. We're moving on up to a queen!

4. Last night I watched Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap. Gosh, she was such a cute kid. It's really a shame that she went on such a downward spiral. I really hope she can turn it around. Maybe she's the next Drew Barrymore.

5. Tonight I'm going to go see my favoritist band: Death Cab for Cutie. A small consolation for not being able to hang out with all the cool kids (like Jessica, Shana and Heather) at SCBWI 2011 Summer Conference. So I leave you with this video by the band. Enjoy!


  1. I love Death Cab! Hope you have an amazing time! And Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap really is the cutest thing ever--so sad!

  2. I am so depressed about SCWBI I can't even talk about it and I live here!

    Have fun tonight! I love DCFC!

  3. Cool Video - DCFC rocks
    check out my blog sometime if you get the chance.
    I need some followers bad..LOL

  4. Fantastic this post....amazing your idea and lovely video