Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Edits, Phase Two

Yay! I finished all my editing goals last week and all it took was a little dedication. My biggest enemy is time, so I made sure I set aside two hours every night to get things done. A few nights I ended up spending more time than that, so when it came to the weekend, I didn't have to spend all day catching up.

So now onto Phase Two - Chapters 7-13. As I move on in the book, the revisions are more voluminous. Mostly because the idea I came up with to better tie in my subplot with my plot will require I rewrite a major chunk of a character's storyline. And that's having a ripple effect on other characters. I imagine by the time I get to PHASE THREE, I'm going to be doing a massive rewrite.

It's all for the good of the story, though!

So what's everyone else working on this week? Good luck with all your goals!


  1. I think it's kind of fun to edit. Rewrite, though, are hard for me. Good luck finishing up!

  2. It's amazing how many layers revisions can have, isn't it? Good luck!