Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My So Called Life: Episode 4 Recap - "Father Figures"

When I saw the title to this episode, I groaned out loud. For those of you who have been following my reviews, you probably realize it's a parent-centric episode.

While Patty and Graham are starting to grow on me, I'm still not digging their story lines. Ok, Graham is a (wannabe) cool dad and Patty's dad doesn't trust her with business decisions. I like that the characters are being developed, but we BARELY GOT ANY JORDAN CATALANO this episode! And that makes me sad. And yes, I totally blame Patty and Graham for hogging the plot this week.

So what did I like about the episode, you ask? Well, it was interesting to see Angela's reaction to both Ricky and Rayanne crushing on her dad. I mean, what could be more embarassing to a teenager than their best friend telling them their dad has nice stubble? That same dad giving you and your friend Grateful Dead tickets, that's what.

The one time we did get to see Jordan this episode is priceless. It shows how desperate Angela is to prove she's cool. All he has to do is make a small suggestion and she jumps on it, even if it means crushing Rayanne's hopes of getting to the concert.

It's nice to see that Angela gets what she deserves on both ends of the spectrum. Both Graham and Rayanne are not happy that she sold the tickets and she ends up having to make amends with both. I like that the show holds Angela accountable for her actions, even if she is just being a bratty teenager.

Krakow: Here, do you want to... borrow my sweater?
Angela: Thanks.
Krakow: Just don't sweat into it or anything.
(Oh Krakow! You're so dreamy!)

  • Krakow on rollerblades ignoring Graham. Why was Graham asking him to help anyway? I guess he's looking for a teenager to bond with.
  • Well Sharon totally disappeared, didn't she?
  • The Patty/Dad story was just a little too Lifetime movie special for me.
  • I just had to laugh when Angela nonchalantly pulled out the tickets. I like how she follows it up with, *sigh* "tickets" when Jordan doesn't notice.
Did you watch this episode? What did you think?


  1. This is so funny because I have another friend who just wanted this whole series - you guys are making me want to see it all again.
    LOVE her.

  2. Ugh, not a fan of the parent storyline. But Krakow is adorable!