Monday, January 10, 2011

Writing Progress - 1.10.11

Happy Monday everyone!

This past weekend was fun. Even though I thought I'd end up being snowed in, I ended up going into NYC to meet fellow writers Shana Silver and Jessica Love. How exciting to meet them for the first time! Shana and Jessica are in my writing group and though I've been talking to them for over a year, we've never met in person. Now if i can just make my way around the US to meet the rest of them!

I managed to get a decent amount of writing in, too. I got the comments back from a beta reader for my WIP and began to incorporate them. So far I am finished with Chapter 1. I also sent her 2 more chapters to look at.

This week I plan to:
  • Finish the self-edits on 2 more chapters. This will be up to Chapter 6, for anyone who's counting.
  • Finish updating for comments on chapter 2.
  • Finish reading Writing Great Books for Young Adults.
  • If I get them back, update for beta comments on Chapter 3.
What are your goals for the week?


  1. Writing Great Books for Young Adults sounds interesting. : )
    My goal is to write another few chapters.

  2. Good luck on your goals! Sounds like you had a fun time too! Glad you didn't get snowed in!

  3. Good luck! Sounds like you'll have a productive week!

  4. Yay for our dinner! It was so great to meet you!