Thursday, December 23, 2010

On Sending Your Baby Into the World

So yesterday I did something big. Okay, not just big, it's kind of huge. For the first time ever I sent out two whole chapters to a beta reader for comments. Sure, my story has been polished and (most) of the adverbs removed. The dialogue has been checked, and the punctuation is all in line, but it's still scary.

Right this very minute she could be reading it. Tons of questions swirl through my head: Does she like it? That would be great! Is there red marks all over the page? That would be even better! And worst of all.... Does she hate it? Oh, that would be bad.

In the end, I know it will make my story stronger to be critiqued, but I still get that uneasy feeling when I hit the 'send' button.

Here's to hoping I get lots of insightful comments and I can make my story the best it can be! Until then...I'll just take some of this:

Do you still get that uneasy feeling when you send your writing out for beta?


  1. Every time! No matter how many times it goes out, how much I know I have polished the CRAP out of it, I still get those same exact feelings! I get that want to email/want to call twitch every second it's with someone else.

  2. I have never let anyone read my writing. The very thought of doing it makes me queasy. :-(

  3. YES! Less now with my IRL critique group because I feel a little more comfortable with them, but definitely whenever I share with someone new.