Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's December! Let's Get Revising!

Once I finish a project, I like to let it marinate for awhile before I start revising. Lucky for me, I have two projects going right now so I can switch back and forth. While my NaNo '10 project, tentatively named Searchin' For a Guy Like You, gets pushed to the back burner, I'll return to revising my Nano '09 Project, which I've been calling Twisted Fate for awhile now. It seems to have stuck.

Twisted Fate is currently in its fourth round of self-revisions. With the exception of the first ten pages, no one has seen any part of it yet. I'm hoping once I get through this round, I'll be ready to send it out for beta. *fingers crossed*

This round of revisions seems to be going well. I made one change towards the end of the last round that needs to be updated in the first half of the story, but other than that, I'm moving right along.

Here's my process:
  1. Print out entire novel*, two pages to a sheet, and store it in a binder.
  2. Equip self with highlighter (pink), pen (anything but red!), and note pad.
  3. Begin reading WIP.
  4. Highlight all adverbs.
  5. Cry when you realize you have an intense love of adverbs and the page is riddled with pink highlights.
  6. Use pen to cross out things that don't belong. Where notes are required, circle the passage and reference it with a number. Write criticisms on note pad.
  7. When note pad is full after first chapter, get a new note pad and repeat.
  8. Cry some more when you realize your novel still needs lots of work.
  9. When you get to the end, go back and make changes electronically.
Sounds simple, right?

What is your revision process like?

*When you print your novel, make sure you add page numbers. The first time I printed, I didn't do this and I ended up having to reprint. Total waste of paper.


  1. Hi there! I love your idea of highlighting the adverbs. I should really do this. And yes, I cry too, when I realize how much more work has to be done!

  2. Oh, wow, my whole manuscript would be pink if I highlighted the adverbs! That's one of my worst weaknesses. Love your revision process!

  3. Congrats on winning another NaNo! Do you enjoy revising or do you like drafting more?

    I just wrote a particularly pink highlighter worthy scene. =( I've got to get to work revising it before my critique group on Thursday.

  4. @ Jessica - I like revising more than drafting. It's nice when you see a scene finally coming together.