Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday - Villains

Last week, I talked about the good guys, so this week let's get down and dirty with the dastardliest villains out there.


  • Voldemort - Harry Potter Series
    Hello?! He who must not be named tried to kill a baby. How much more evil can you get? I guess maybe if you split your soul into several parts and scattered them around in various wizard artifacts so that you could never be killed......but who would do that, really?
  • Randall Flagg - The Stand
    Don't even get me started on this guy. Hungry for power, Flagg forms a faction of baddies in Las Vegas (where else?) in hopes to wage war on the peaceful folk taking refuge from Captain Tripps in Boulder, Colorado. His favorite activities are crucifixion and other forms of torture. Flagg is the most dangerous type of villain because he's charismatic. After hearing what he has to say, most characters are willing to follow his orders, just to simply be in his presence.
  • Mrs. Danvers - Rebecca
    Another scary villain is the kind that gets into your head. Manderlay’s housekeeper sent the second Mrs. DeWinter into a downward spiral of pity and self loathing, to the point where she almost commits suicide.
  • Miss Trunchbull - Matilda
    If this were my principal I would lobby my parents for home schooling. She deserved a newt in her glass of water, if you ask me!
  • The Man Jack - The Graveyard Book
    I know I’m not the target audience for this book, but when I first read about The Man Jack, I got chills. I could just imagine what a young child would feel. The Man Jack is mysterious and relentless. He searches for Nobody Owens for years, which makes him even scarier.
  • Sauron - Lord of the Rings
    Like every good dictator, Sauron preys on the weak and down trodden. He gathered armies upon armies of orcs and the like to do his dirty work. He dominated much of middle earth and would have branched out had it not been for that hobbit and his meddling friends!
  • Miss Havisham - Great Expectations
    Miss Havisham isn't evil all along, but the circumstances of her cancelled wedding create it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn, Miss Havisham grooms her Estella to break hearts and take names. Talk about cold.
  • Lady MacBeth - MacBeth
    Speaking of women, here's another one that makes the list. I really think her husband should also get some credit, but Lady MacBeth was just a tad bit more evil, getting someone else to do the heavy hitting. Greed is her primary motivation (are we seeing a theme here?)
  • Captain Hook - Peter Pan
    Another one who loves to ruin a kid's good time. The Lost Boys and Peter Pan are always running into trouble with Captain Hook. Can't you see they just don't want to grow up, Hookie? Leave 'em be!
  • Dr. Cable - The Uglies series
    In Uglies Dr. Cable preyed on Tally Youngblood's naivety. By installing the back up alarm, Dr. Cable made sure that Tally would lead her right to the Smoke. I'm sure she enjoyed watching the Specials wreak havoc.

That's all I got for you in terms of villains. Who's your favorite?

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